Avive App Invitation Code

Avive App Invitation Code “7eev12” – Get Some Welcome Reward

Avive App Invitation Code Is “7eev12“. Join the Avive App with my referral code and get an 100$ AMO  welcome bonus.

Avive App Invitation Code ,features and Benefits

  • When you register, input this Invitation code to gain some rewards as a sign up incentive, and if you recommend someone, 20% of his soul power will contribute to your team power as commission.

Steps to SignUp On Avive App:

  1. Install and open the Avive app by visiting the given link https://m.avive.world/register/?vcode=7eev12.
  2. Complete the sign-up form. 
  3. Input the referral code “7eev12” to receive rewards as a sign-up bonus.
  4. Verify your account through email and mobile phone.
  5. Rewards will become visible in your Avive account and will be credited to your account immediately.

Refer And Earn An 100$ AMO Bonus Per Joining on Pegasus App:

  1. Go to the Pegasus AppGo to the Pegasus App’s Invite friends option to earn 100$ AMO commission for every friend you refer. 
  2.  Click the Share Now button to invite your friends and receive rewards. 
  3. When your friends use your code, you will get 100$ AMO commission and your friend will receive 100$ AMO as a gift.
  4.  Share your link on social media sites and messaging apps, as well as your own website (if applicable). 
  5. Utilize earning strategies to maximize rewards.
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