ECOS Referral Code

ECOS Referral Code [QRELgShC] – Get Upto 7% Referral Bonus

 ECOS Referral Code is “QRELgShC”. Use this code when you register and get a free trial contract for 1 month.

Fairdesk Exchange Referral Code Offers, Features and Benefits:

  • Using this code will qualify you for a bonus of up to 7%.
  • The most essential tools (such a BTC wallet) for working with digital assets are all included in the ECOS Bitcoin Mining Infrastructure and Crypto Investment Platform.

Steps to SignUp  & ECOS Referral Code Offer 

  1. Use this link to register ECOS
  2. Enter your email address and password.
  3. To sign up, just complete the short form.
  4. Use the referral code QRELgShC for ECOS when prompted.
  5. You will get a verification email, click the verify button to confirm your registration.
  6. Your account is now available for usage after this step and the email verification procedure.
  7. Enjoy by starting to use the ECOS right away.

Refer ECOS and Receive Up to 7% Commission:

  1. Open dashboard in ECOS to create referral link/code.
  2. Choose “More” in bottom menu
  3. Select “Referral program” section
  4. Locate “Make new link” button in upper right corner
  5. Create a name for referral link
  6. Press “Generate referral link” button
  7. Additionally, you have the choice to post your referral code in the comments section.
  8. Kindly share your ECOS referral code with your loved ones, acquaintances, and on social media platforms
  9. You can now benefit from the earning opportunities after completing all steps.

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