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Holdstation Wallet Referral Code [discount] – Earn Gold And USDC

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Holdstation Wallet Referral Code is “discount”. Get fee rebates on sign up using my referral code and earn up to 30% in GOLD and USDC through Holdstation referral program.

Holdstation Wallet Referral Code Offers, Features and Benefits:

You can use your Holdstation Wallet to access the wallet and enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Low fees: Holdstation Wallet charges a flat fee of 0.05% per trade, regardless of your position size or leverage. You can also save on gas fees by using zkSync, a layer-2 scaling solution that enables fast and cheap transactions on Ethereum.
  • High liquidity: Holdstation Wallet sources liquidity from multiple market makers and exchanges, ensuring that you can always find the best price and execute your trades quickly.
  • Advanced trading tools: Holdstation Wallet offers a variety of trading options, such as market, limit and stop orders, as well as customizable stop loss and take profit levels. You can also use shortcuts to adjust your leverage and position size with one click.
  • Demo account: Holdstation Wallet provides a demo account that lets you practice trading with virtual funds before risking your real money. You can learn how to use the exchange and test your strategies without any risk.
  • Referral code offers: Holdstation Wallet rewards you for inviting your friends to join the platform. For every friend who signs up with your code and makes a trade, you will receive 30% of their trading fees in GOLD and USDC as a bonus.

Steps to SignUp On Holdstation Wallet Using My Referral Code:

  1. Step 1: Go to https://ref.holdstation.com/discount and click on Sign Up.
  2. Step 2: Enter your email address, create a password and my Holdstation Wallet referral code “discount“. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions and click on Create Account.
  3. Step 3: Verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your inbox. You will be redirected to the Holdstation Wallet website.
  4. Step 4: Log in with your email and password. You will see a welcome message and a confirmation that your referral code has been applied.
  5. Step 5: Start trading on Holdstation Exchange by depositing funds, choosing a market, setting your leverage and placing your orders. You can also use the demo account to practice trading with virtual funds.

Refer Holdstation Wallet Earn Up to 30% On Every Referrals:

  • Step 1: Go to the Referral Program section on the Holdstation Wallet website or the app and copy your unique referral link or code.
  • Step 3: Share your referral link or code with your friends, family, or social media followers and invite them to join Holdstation Exchange.
  • Step 4: Earn GOLD for every user you invite. GOLD is the native token of Holdstation that can be used for various benefits on the platform.
  • Step 5: Earn up to 30% fee rebate in USDC for every trade completed by your referrals. You can also earn from second-level and third-level referrals.
  • Step 6: Track your referral earnings and statistics on the Referral Program section. You can also access exclusive affiliate marketing materials and boost your referrals.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Holdstation Wallet: 

  1. How can I deposit and withdraw funds on Holdstation Wallet? You can deposit and withdraw funds on Holdstation Wallet using various cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and more. You can also use the bridge feature to transfer funds between different networks.

  2. How can I trade on Holdstation Wallet? You can trade on Holdstation Wallet by choosing a market, setting your leverage, and placing your orders. You can also use the demo account to practice trading with virtual funds.

  3. What is GOLD token and what are its benefits? GOLD token is the native token of Holdstation that can be used for various benefits on the platform, such as fee discounts, governance rights, staking rewards, and more.

  4. What is DeFuture Vault and how does it work? DeFuture Vault is a program that allows users to deposit their crypto assets and earn passive income from the trading fees generated by Holdstation Wallet.

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