Ind money referral code 2021

Indmoney referral code is “ASIIK5VAMZ”

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ASIIK5VAMZ” is the referral code for INDmoney App.

You will get 250 IND coins when they register a new account successfully on the money app.

INDmoney App referral Code Benefits

INDmoney App, which is a SEBI-registered app for investing in foreign funds. You may get a 1000 coin signup bonus and 50 coins for each referral.

By trading and selling shares, you may withdraw the referral and sign up for the amount in your bank account.

It is the only option to invest in US equities and make infinite real money. Users can therefore purchase and sell US equities.

Steps to SignUp On INDmoney App

  1. How to Use the INDmoney Referral Code:

  2. Download the INDmoney app by following the link.

  3. Enter your information, including your PAN card.

  4. Fill in the reference code “ASIIK5VAMZ

  5. Congratulations on completing your profile and submitting it! When you successfully log in, you will see your IND coin.

  6. Share this IND Money Referral Code page link to get more referral bonuses.

Refer And Earn Upto Rs100 of Per Joining on INDmoney App

1.) First if all go to INDmoney app Refer & Earn option .

2.)Share with your Friends & Family. When members successfully create a new account on the money app, they will receive 250 IND coins.

3.)If the referee uses their friend’s referral code, the referrer will receive 1000 IND coins in their INDmoney app wallet.

4.) Enjoy the Earning Tricks.

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