KuSwap Referral Code [QW08VRT6Y] – Get Upto 5% Off

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KuSwap Referral Code is “QW08VRT6Y. Sign up with this code to enjoy a 5% discount on your trading charge.

KuSwap Features and Benefits

KuSwap is the AMM Platform on the Kucoin Community Chain ecosystem.

  • A fully operational DeFi environment, KuSwap is a part of the wider KCC ecosystem.
  • On the Kucoin Community Chain, KuSwap is the top AMM, DAO, NFT, and other platform.
  • It includes the first escrowed token DAO, a Decentralized Exchange, Yield Farms, Vaults, and an NFT market.
  • Additionally, KuSwap offers prediction, lottery, and on-chain trading conflicts.


Steps to SignUp  & KuSwap Referral Code Offer 

  1. Use this link to sign up for KuSwap https://app.kuswap.finance/#/invite?inv=QW08VRT6Y.
  2. Sign up for it by registering and connecting your wallet.
  3. Use this KuSwap Referral Code when it asks: “QW08VRT6Y.
  4. Begin your derivatives trading career by depositing funds into KuSwap.

Refer And Earn Up to 20% Commission on  KuSwap

  1. First, choose the KuSwap Refer & Earn option.
  2. You may also leave your reference code in the comments section below.
  3. You may earn up to 5% commission when you refer KuSwap Referral Codes to your friends.
  4. Please distribute your Mycelium Referral Code to your friends via social media.
  5. Enjoy the Earning Strategies.
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