Metavault trade Referral Code [rebate] – Get Upto 10% Off

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Metavault trade Referral Code is “rebate”. Sign up with this code to receive attractive discount upto 10% on your trading fee.

Metavault trade Features and Benefits

Metavault Trade Designed to offer a broad variety of trading tools and extremely deep liquidity on numerous high cap crypto assets, Trade is a new type of decentralised exchange.

The protocol charges users when they do the following:

  • Exchange of goods as well as trading entry and exit (0.01% of position size)
  • Long or short-term borrowing with leverage (0.01% charge taken each hour)
  • Metavault Trade has two uses for traders:
    – Spot trading with limit orders and swaps.
    – Perpetual futures trading with short- and long-position leverage of up to 30x.

Steps to SignUp  & Metavault Trade Referral Code Offer 

  1. Register for Metavault Trade here:
  2. Join it by creating an account and connecting your wallet.
  3. When prompted, enter this Metavault Trade Referral Code: rebate.
  4. By depositing funds to Mycelium Exchange, you may begin your experience trading derivatives.

Refer And Earn Up to 10% Commission on  Metavault trade

  1. Go to the Metavault trade Refer & Earn option first..
  2. Additionally, you may post your referral link in the comments section.
  3. You might receive  15% commission if you refer friends to Metavault trade Referral Codes.
  4. Please let your friends know this Referral Code on social media.
  5. Enjoy the money-making tips.
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