Tej Mandi App Referral Code

Teji Mandi App Referral Code [ctrVD4fc] – Get 300rs Cashback

Teji Mandi App Referral Code is “ctrVD4fc”. When you sign up for GUVI app and subscribe with my referral code, you will get 300rs in your account. You will also get 300rs when your friend subscribes Teji Mandi with your link/code.

Teji Mandi App Referral Code Offers, Features and Benefits:

Steps to SignUp On Teji Mandi App Using My Referral Code:

Refer Teji Mandi App and Earn 300rs On Every Referrals:

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Teji Mandi App: 

  • What are the benefits of using Teji Mandi app? Teji Mandi app helps you to invest in a portfolio of stocks that are carefully selected and monitored by experts. You can also get personalized advice and tips on investing, rebalancing, portfolio performance and more.
  • How can I link my Demat account to Teji Mandi app? You can link your Demat account to Teji Mandi app by using your UPI ID or by entering your broker details. You can link multiple Demat accounts to Teji Mandi app and switch between them easily.
  • How can I invest in Teji Mandi app? You can invest in Teji Mandi app by choosing from various subscription plans that suit your budget and goals. You can also invest in lump sum or SIP mode. You can invest with as little as ₹1000.
  • How can I withdraw or sell my investments on Teji Mandi app? You can withdraw or sell your investments on Teji Mandi app by clicking on the withdraw or sell button on the app home screen or the investment section. You can choose to withdraw your money to your bank account or reinvest it in other options
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