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Unlimited Leverage Network Referral Code [DISCOUNT] – Redeem Up To 10% Off On Fee

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Unlimited Leverage Network Referral Code is “DISCOUNT”. With my code, you can join Unlimited Leverage Network and enjoy a 10% discount on your trading fee. You’ll also get up to 25% commission for every successful referral you make.

Unlimited Leverage Network Referral Code Offers, Features and Benefits:

Some of the key points of Unlimited Leverage Network are:

  • Zero price impact: Your trades do not affect the market price of the underlying assets.
  • Minimal slippage: Your trades are executed at the best available price with low deviation.
  • Isolated positions: You can open multiple positions for the same pair without affecting each other.
  • Advanced edit capabilities: You can modify your position parameters such as leverage, margin, stop-loss, and take-profit at any time.
  • Signature based model: Your trades are executed off-chain using signatures, which offers a gasless trading experience.
  • Access to high leverage: You can trade with up to 100x leverage on supported tokens, which allows you to amplify your profits or losses.
  • No KYC required: You do not need to complete any KYC verification to use Unlimited Leverage Network’s products and services. All you need is a web3-compatible wallet.
  • Unlimited Leverage Network also has a competitive lifetime referral program that allows you to earn up to 25% commission for each person you refer to their platform.


Steps to Sign Up On Unlimited Leverage Network Using My Referral Code:

Refer Unlimited Leverage Network and Earn Commission Of Up To 25% On Every Referrals:

  1. Log in to your account and go to the Referral section.
  2. Copy your unique referral link and share it with your friends, family, or social media followers.
  3. When someone clicks on your link and signs up for an account, they will automatically become your referral and get a 10% discount on their trading fee.
  4. You will earn a lifetime commission of 25% of their trading fee for every trade they make on Unlimited Leverage Network.
  5. You can also earn an additional commission of 5%, 7.5%, or 10% depending on your referral tier. The more referrals you have, the higher your tier and commission rate will be.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Unlimited Leverage Network: 

  • What is Unlimited Leverage Network? Unlimited Leverage Network is a decentralized ecosystem that offers on-chain synthetic leverage trading with zero price impact, minimal slippage, and up to 100x leverage.

  • What is the $UWU token? $UWU is the staking and governance token that powers the Unlimited Leverage Network and its ecosystem products. Token stakers can vote on proposals that help shape the ecosystem’s future while earning fees from Unlimited Leverage Network’s products.

  • How can I buy $UWU token? $UWU token will initially be listed on Uniswap V2 and Ramses Exchange. The TGE (Token Generation Event) date will be announced shortly.

  • How can I stake $UWU token? You can visit staking.unlimited.network to stake your $UWU token. You will need a web3-compatible wallet such as Metamask to access the staking portal.

  • How can I trade on Unlimited Leverage Network? You can visit unlimited.trade to trade your favorite cryptocurrencies synthetically with zero price impact, minimal slippage, and up to 100x leverage. You will need a web3-compatible wallet such as Metamask to access the trading platform.

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