ZET App Referral Code

ZET App Referral Code [munna101] – Get Welcome Bonus Of Up to 50rs.

ZET App Referral Code Is “munna101“. Join the Zet App with my referral code to earn a 50rs welcome bonus.

ZET App referral Code,features and Benefits

  • Receive a 50rs welcome bonus that you may cash on your first sale, and if you recommend someone, you can earn up to 10% commission.
  • ZET app  is a universal referral code that works with numerous websites and allows you to earn cashback as well as the possibility to earn Rs. 50,000 every month.
  • With ZET app, you can now get an instant personal loan in case you need extra cash too! Not only that, the ZET app personal loan app allows users to make their credit card payments from the app itself.
  • If you need additional cash, you can now acquire a quick personal loan with ZET app! Furthermore, the ZET app personal loan app allows customers to make credit card payments directly from the app.

Steps to SignUp On ZET App

  1. Install and open this app by going to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.onecode.app&referrer=onecode_referral_code%[email protected]
  2. Fill out the simple form to sign up.
  3. To receive a Rs 50 sign-up bonus, enter this referral code “munna101″.
  4. Now, you must confirm your account through email and mobile phone.
  5. Your additional 50rs are now visible in your wallet after your first order, it will be instantly credited to your Paytm account.

Refer And Earn 10% of their Earning Per Joining on Onecode

  1. First and foremost, go to the ZET App app Recommend & Earn option.
  2. Earn 10% of the commission on your friends’ orders when you refer them.
  3. Now, click the Share Now button to invite your friends and earn money together.
  4. Once they use your code, you will receive 10% commission and your friend will receive Rs 50.
  5. Share it with your friends on any social networking site or on your website (if you have one). You are free to distribute your links via Whatsapp Messages, Telegram Channels, Facebook Pages, and Groups.
  6. Distribute your direct link to your network and get a commission when they complete the offers.
  7. Appreciate the Earning Strategies.
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